Episode 100

Wow!! 100 bloody episodes. Scroll down past the podcast and I will post the stats for those interested.

  • Alan Broke the website
  • Mike changed his website
  • Stressed Jenny
  • Adam is sick
  • Vomiting
  • Taking a piss
  • Alan got pissed on
  • Meeting arseholes
  • Business in school
  • Sunrise cleaners
  • Bioshock
  • The Doctor
  • Adam and feavers
  • Being immune
  • Fever dreams

Episode 100

For anyone interested, 100 Episodes is…

5.392GB worth of data
Average weekly data transfer (both upload and download) of 800MB
Average yearly Data transfer of 41.6GB
With an average podcast length of an hour and a half that gives us:-

  • 9000 minutes
  • 150 Hours
  • 6 1/4 Days

…And remember, that’s working on most of them. More of our podcasts run longer than run shorter so the actual numbers are probably higher.

We currently have 8 banners that cycle randomly when you load a page
Alan has made a pigs ear of the website 4 times
The total editing time has been roughly 300 hours

To our listeners who have been here thus far, Thanks for sticking with us! To the listeners just getting here this week, Welcome! No matter if you’ve been here from the beginning  are new or somewhere in between, you mean a lot to us.

One thought on “Episode 100

  1. I remember Alan mentioning this podcast when I did the Aperture Science Radio podcast back in 2010, pretty awesome to find it reaching 100 shows! Great work guys! 😀

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