We’re getting married

Just a quick announcement to say that after nearly 2 years of working hard on our podcasts, failed Lets plays that we never show because they just went so embarrassingly wrong, Late night chattering about movies, tech and the occasional personal thing, Adam and I are getting married.

Yes, you read that right. Neither of us could resist any longer. It was all rather geeky really. Adam got down on one wheel (sorry Adam. I really should stop making jokes like that ^^; ) and offered me a the nerdy equivalent of an engagement ring. This thing -> http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/25415/usb-swarovski-engagement-ring-launched It is as large as it looks, it’s not something I plan on wearing the whole time so I was sensible and purchased to proper engagement rings.

Clearly there is more to our relationship that the stuff we do online for you all to see and listen to. Gone are the days when we go from podcast to podcast barely acknowledging each others existence like we did at the start. Now he has to listen to my awkward and unfunny (to him) jokes all the time, and I get to listen to Adam snarking off at most of the world day and night. It’s easier to tolerate than you may believe.

The reaction from our parents was an interesting one. My dad, who doesn’t exactly approve of gay marriage…well…told me such but said he would be there but not to give me away “because you are a man, not a woman” I have to agree there. Neither of us are the “woman” in the relationship. We are both men, so a gay relationship just won’t work if one of us is a woman. Adam’s parents thought it was all a joke until Adam showed them the size of my…Crown Jewel 😉

The wedding will be webcast and for those who can’t make it to the registry office or see the webcast live, the whole thing will be available to watch on BOTH of our youtube channels.

As a side note, these USB rings are handy. We can exchange love songs, wedding vows and basically anything (data-wise), just by connecting our rings together. Although it kind of looks like us both going “Decoder rings ACTIVATE!” it really is so nerdy I can barely describe it.

As a result, there will be no podcast this week. I have to pack all my stuff up to move to Oklahoma, and Adam has to calm both of his parents down.

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