Maybe not finished

Ignoring Adam’s most recent post for a second; The podcast may not be totally over. Let’s just say “extended hiatus” because of some problems that I have run into or more specifically; caused.

Here’s the thing; I don’t have a computer right now and my access to a computer is severely hampered by the fact I have to use the library to get on one. Only 1 library out of 16 in my town is open 7 days a week and it’s clear across town from where I live. All the others are open part time, if they even open at all in that week, are staffed by volunteers and the newest computers were manufactured in 2007. I am having to run pretty much my entire digital life off of 1 external hard drive.

As for keeping the website actually up; that may be another issue. Money is starting to become a problem from time-to-time because life doesn’t like only having one thing go wrong for me at once. That would make things far too easy. Fortuneatly my hosting company, Midphase have allowed me to cut my hosting plan back to the bare essentials, which is all the site really needs. I was paying for a lot of services that I wasn’t using. It’s gone from being a £120 a year outlay to being £54. Quite a saving! However, I’m not going to guarantee 100% uptime at the moment.

Talking to Adam about this is somewhat difficult without a computer and without him enabling the iMessage feature on his phone but some day we’ll get there.

As for a time-frame; I don’t have one. At least another 4 months from now, but possibly longer. Things went wrong for me about June of 2014 and apparently this kind of thing can take 14-24 months to sort out after which; things can go further wrong from there so please be patient with me.