Nothing this week

Alan was out at a convention doing convention things with convention people, and preferred sleep to talking to me in the late nights. This makes it so there will unfortunately be no podcast this week. I could have gotten a guest host and did my own thing to fill the time, but that would have required some effort on my part. Also, Alan was teasing me the whole time with a ‘will I? won’t I?’ situation.

Everyone should blame Alan for stuff. He is a bad boy.

Episode 115

Adam is probably watching me edit this right now…and correcting my mistakes. This relationship works well. I upload any old crap, Adam rolls his eyes and becomes our quality control 😀

  • Being sneaky
  • Game Stop
  • “You took the disc out!”
  • The Married Woman’s Property Act
  • Woman’s Rights
  • Crime & Punishment
  • Willie Nealson
  • “Who’s that one guy who made everything”
  • Canada
  • Dick size
  • You tube
  • Vlogs
  • Youtube Stories
  • The oprah retraction and the This American Life retraction
  • Adam was spying on Alan
  • “Gone Home”
  • QWOP

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(See? I remembered to post the link this time!)

Episode 114

Finally, Edited by Alan again ;D (And Adam added the link that actually contained the podcast)

  • Medical treatment
  • Moving
  • Gift giving
  • Thieves
  • Travelling
  • The road fire
  • “Is it wrong for someone to stab someone else 17 times” ?
  • Bad news reporting
  • Austrailian Roadrage story
  • A very weird story about a video game experience
  • Energiser & Youtube
  • Geekweek
  • Youtube trying to be professional
  • Axe (Lynx) & Carls Jr.
  • “Draw Sandi in that pose”
  • Sexualiseing men & women
  • Debate Smarter
  • “advocating sexualised violence”
  • Fictional oversexualiseation

Episode 114