Thiiiiis is a long one.

Hope you all had a good St. Edds Day. I’ll post a picture of me in my green hoodie at some point

  • Subway Samwitches
  • Disney
  • Nickelodeon
  • Pool!
  • Bacon
  • Cartoon Network
  • Dexter’s lab
  • Smart & Dumb comments
  • There’s no such thing as race
  • Tech conference stupidity
  • Women in tech
  • The internet back in the day
  • Dragonball Z
  • Pirateing <3
  • Video game industry sexism
  • Smile = Harrassment
  • Is sexy sexist?
  • women and game development
  • Solja boy is an idiot
  • 50 shades of grey

Episode 97

Episode 96

Yeeeees I forgot to post it again. I was sick. Sorry.

  • Eating animal anus…don’t do it.

  • Horse meat

  • Drawing glove

  • Story time – No Trousers

  • Getting clothes

  • We’re eating shit or dead things

  • Getting mistaken for other people’s voice

  • Getting past motion sensors

  • Mission impossible

  • Mark Wahlberg

  • Eating Subway Sandwiches

  • “Powerline networking is just so cool”

  • “During my lunches, I read and eat”

  • Do not ask game designers technical questions!

  • Gaming and updating.

  • Saints Row 3 Advert :

  • How we play through games

  • final fantasy games

  • Pikmin Cartoon

  • Alan is now an iPhone user

  • What iPad does well for gaming, never forget.

  • Devices for just personal use

  • “Jerking off games”

Episode 96

Episode 95. Dedicated to Cody Smith

This one is a long one since we haven’t podcasted in 4 weeks.
I should also warn you that it starts off on a bit of a solem note and I feel I need to explain my choice of ending music. The song is “Final Flight” By Apporaching Nirvana. I’m pushing my beliefs of an after life on people a little with this one. I believe that when you die, you do go to some place up in the skies. Your own personal Nirvana…you Approach Nirvana. Of course  to get up into the sky, you have to fly. Since you have died, it is your Final Flight. Make sense? :)

  • Dedicated to Cody Smith
  • Canada
  • Snowboard mishaps and injuries
  • Cars
  • Americas School System SUCKS
  • What school DOESN’T teach
  • Comparing schools to cars
  • Germany
  • World Wars
  • “Tesla” Cars
  • Solar Panels
  • Getting hit by an electric car
  • What’s under the bonnet in a Tesla
  • Energy
  • Health & Safety
  • Oxygen
  • EA just….did it wrong
  • Sim City
  • Game modes
  • competing over cities
  • Day 1 DLC
  • Server space
  • Rayman release

Also, the Audio player in-browser isn’t going to work this time (the file is 1MB too big) but I can’t disable the damn thing and I am too lazy to make 2 files. Right click on the words “Episode 95” below and choose “Save link as…/Save Target as…” and save it to your hard drive. Sorry about that!

Episode 95