Episode 22

This week, our totally out-of-date-by-the-time-you-hear-this podcast deals with:

  • People against marketers
  • Advertising
  • CG in motion picture
  • “How much did that effect cost?”
  • Technology on camera & in audio
  • Male & female clothes in drawing
  • Program scipts
  • Paying for skill, not time
  • The comic Alan was talking about http://kudasai.comicgenesis.com
  • How Adam draws comics & how Alan writes stories
  • “So you want to be a cartoonist?” http://tompreston.deviantart.com/gallery/26560917
  • Comics and art styles, and changing art styles
  • Going to bed
  • Video casts and why we’re NOT going to do them
  • “Getting value from scarcity”

podcast 22

Episode 20

This one didn’t cover as many topics as the last one, but hopefully you still enjoy it 😀

  • Fiddling with our fiddles
  • Religious speeches need to learn better segues
  • The True horror of a company going to the stock market
  • Taxes, people are dumb-asses for asking for more and wanting to pay less
  • Healthcare
  • How we deal with podcast questions/requests
  • Coins and long goodbyes

Podcast 20


Episode 19

This one is….Episode 19 😀

  • My little pony porn
  • Valve
  • Pre-renderd cut scenes
  • final fantasy
  • Tom Preston finally got his wording right
  • Animes that try to play it silly and straight at the same time don’t work
  • Steve Jobs
  • “Community Porn watching”
  • Apple
  • Anonymous
  • PSN going down again
  • Computer viruses

Podcast 19

Episode 18. The Twilight episode

I’m not sure if thsi will auto-publish at the right time because of the fact England goes into DST about a week before america does, and my servers are in America…even though I pay my dues to UK2.net, go figure.

This Episode is a 2-hour long one and a lot (not all) is about Twilight. Guess who will be doing most of the talking? 😉

  • “The Twilight Episode”
  • How Twilight could be done better. It’s called “Let the right one in”/”Let me in”
  • The Human Centipede
  • New Twilight Trailer
  • Vampire Sex
  • Harry potter and twilight are complete opposites
  • “breaking fetus”
  • Scott Pilgrim
  • university and time….or lack of it.
  • University modules & tests
  • Rape in movies
  • My Little Pony
  • Vampire Mythology
  • Twilight as a romantic action movie.
  • Characterisation should be a main part of a story
  • Holidays
  • Bonfire night

Podcast 18

This is also the nearest Episode before Bonfire night. For everyone who celibrates it, have fun but please be safe! Remember, the instructions do not say “Light fuse then hold firework 2 inches from face”

Anybody interested in reading up about Guy Fawkes and bonfire night should go here http://www.bonfirenight.net/ but should also look on wiki and do some google searching :)