Episode 13

Unlucky for some but not for us because WE’RE AWESOME! and don’t you dare forget that

Topics that we awesomely cover this week:

  • Least I could do (Again)
  • Trolls
  • Cover art for manga and western comics
  • Comics becoming cartoons
  • Understanding Comics (What adam found interesting): Faces going from realistic to abstract, Why things cycle, etc.
  • Modern art
  • Colours

Episode 13

Episode 12. The porn episode

Yes….we did. In this episode you get some insight into just how crude our minds can be 😀

Marked explicit for OBVIOUS reasons

  • Porn & Pornographic stuff
  • Spaghetti straps
  • Clothing & why people wear certain types of clothes to get attention
  • Chicks using the way they look to get somewhere – Alans sexy chick tech support story
  • Dating people who cheat on you
  • Ford focus – sex advert “the same goes for doug”
  • “Sex Sells” – you mainly want to do this in good light
  • Women and video games
  • Liligation in america
  • PETA and porn
  • Dillons band. http://www.reverbnation.com/thebrokenpixels

Episode 12

Episode 10

In this exciteing episode we have…

  • Documentary about comics http://www.craveonline.com/comics/articles/148854-top-10-comic-book-documentaries
  • Comics & the comic industry
  • Newspapers
  • Garfield
  • 12-15yo half naked girls advertising a carwash
  • Porn
  • Difference between a review and a rant.
  • http://badwebcomics.wikidot.com/
  • Handicap jokes
  • Comic Jokes
  • Clarification on what Adam thinks of the cartoony style

Episode 10