Episode 8

Marked as explicit because of Swearing and sex jokes…because….yeah. We were being a bit crude at one point. :)

Episode 8

Episode 7

  • little big planet
  • Riots in the UK
  • Feeling when you watch someone on DA for a specific thing and they never get back to it
  • If all a person does is fan art and one trick ponies on dA
  • Why TV can be better than Movies: character development

Marked as explicit for the usual reasons. Naughty words! :)

Episode 7

Episode 5 & 6

“What do these guys spend an hour talking about this week?” I hear you cry. WELL!!

More Portal 2 plot holes (Seriously, how does a game with more holes than a block of swiss cheese still remain such an awesome game?)

A pet peve of Adams

Why authors should have the final say

After effects of resonance cascades (If you don’t know what that is, shame on you, go play the origonal half life)

And the ton of other stuff that we can think about while chatting away

NOTE! This is a two-in-one episode since the next one was only an hour and a half so when the music starts playing the second time, keep listening

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episode 5 & 6