With a heavy heart I have to announce that this podcast will no longer be updating new content. This is due to circumstances that I can’t go into out of respect to those involved.

I thank everyone who listened throughout the years, as it was a joy to create content.

-Adam (Prowlingmonkey)

Nothing this week

Alan was out at a convention doing convention things with convention people, and preferred sleep to talking to me in the late nights. This makes it so there will unfortunately be no podcast this week. I could have gotten a guest host and did my own thing to fill the time, but that would have required some effort on my part. Also, Alan was teasing me the whole time with a ‘will I? won’t I?’ situation.

Everyone should blame Alan for stuff. He is a bad boy.

Episode 90

Adam’s parents about Alan
Handicapped Stuff
Medical Stuff
“Credit Endings”
New years resolutions
Try to stay on topic more (Both)
Focus on one project and continue or finish them (Adam)
Go to the gym more (Alan)
Think before I speak (Alan)
Make $10 through youtube (Adam)
Get a better jobs (both)
Be less of an asshole (Adam)
Stop procrastinating (Both)
Must draw more (Adam)
Gain the ability to fuckinmg draw in the first place (Alan)
It’s more comfortable to be in just your underwear
“A Homeless dick”
There’s too much immature-mature humor on youtube

Episode 90