Sorry for how plain this web page is but I'm too lazy to make it anything fancy. it's up here to explain the above picture


So what we have here is 3 people about to make some porn, and no, I'm not joking :D


Me and some totally sexy person who shall remain nameless, Had gone to The Gadget Show at the NEC in Birmingham. We were on our way back when the train broke down. It coasted to a stop next to a disused industrial unit which, as you can see, has been mostly demolished and part of it is being used for a car park


So we're sitting there with no power to the train, meaning no motors, lights nor Aircon and I look out to see this going on. The Next thing is that I look out of the window, The guy I'm with sees me staring at a girl getting "ready" and whips out his camera.


My next reaction as a guy (who is just off camera and out of my sight) comes into view with just his boxers on, an obvious boner and another camera man was "What the FUCK is going on there?!!"


Everybody looks over and all the men pile onto my side of the carriage to start pressing their faces and camera phones to the window as they start to film a porn movie.


20 minutes we were there, with these guys less than 50 feet away from the train and totally oblivious to the fact there's a train load of men watching them...and filming them.


The only time they even notice us is when the diesel powered "Thunderbird" comes along to rescue us. They either heard the thump as it coupled into our train or they heard the winding of its diesel engine (the Stranded Pendelino was electric and totally silent when it lost power)


The full resolution picture is HERE