Have you always wanted your own, unique Aperture Science ringtone? Good news! You can have one.


There's a few things in this folder I've created from the preview videos that Valve have published about portal 2 this week just gone (Week beginning 27/06/2010) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4tGoXILi9I


There is;

1.       An Aperture Science wallpaper

2.       A Text message tone (based on the rather cool intro to the information videos)

3.       A ringtone (again, based on the intro but with a turret "WEEEEEeeee" at the end)


The tones will work on any phone thats supports MP3 playback


The wallpaper took pretty much zero talent on my part as it was a flat-out copy of something, but I wanted an Aperture Laboratories wallpaper so I did it anyway. The Ring and text message tone took a little bit more patience as getting a clean version of the audio was rather difficult. There Isn't a clean version out on the internet so I had to create one from what there is.


ALL copyrights belong to Valve. The audio and pictures are all theirs, as are portal and portal 2.


any questions, comments or feedback? Send an email to advancedflea AT gmail dot com, or you can tweet me, as that's probably how most of you have been directed to this page anyway.