Remember Me This Way

Series: South Park
Main Characters: Stan, Kyle
Time Set: 3 years ago, The characters are all around 17 years old
Location: Park County, Colorado

Driving through the cold, quiet and dark mountain roads one night, Stan accidentally skids his car off the road killing Kyle, the one person he truly loved, but never had a chance to tell.

Will Stan ever get a second chance? or will he have to hold onto his feelings forever?

The cover image is (C) by Tiffany Gallant - Smarmy Monkey Productions.
Used with permission from the monkey herself! (Thanks, Mika! =oD )


This story contains scenes of a graphic, Sexual nature between 2 males and deals with death, loss of a loved one and heart break. If you don't like that kind of thing, DO NOT READ THIS. This story is not for minors, so if you are not legally an adult in your jurisdiction then, again, DO NOT READ THIS.

You have been warned. Bottom line: Don't Like? Don't Click.

Remember Me This Way