Stan drove down the twisting and winding mountain roads late in the evening with Kyle in the passenger seat.


Neither of them had any idea about how they felt about one-another. Stan had had his eye on Kyle for a while, since they were quite young. Kyle, on the other hand, was only just about coming to terms with his sexuality and Stan was his first proper love.


It was inevitable that they would fall for each other. They had spent their entire lives knowing nothing else but each other’s friendship. They only ever left each other’s side for sleep, but neither of them were ready to confess their feelings for one-another just yet.


“So what did you think of that mix CD I leant you?” Kyle asked


“Awh! Dude, it kicked arse! I didn’t think you actually had any taste in music…I was wrong!” Stan replied


“Of course I have taste in music, Arsehole!” Kyle replied with a chuckle


“I loved the first track though. What were the words? Something like ‘oh you look so beautiful tonight!’” Stan sung


“Oh yeah! That’s errm…The City of Blinding Lights. I love that song! It’s my favourite”


“For about the next ten minutes anyway, until someone comes out with a new song!” Kyle stuck his tongue out


Stan Looked over at Kyle “Smart Ar…”


“STAN LOOK OUT!!” Kyle Yelled as something darted across the road in front of them.


Stan stood on the breaks and instinctively swerved.


The car wheels screeched as the car skidded. As the car turned, it carried on moving, and stood no chance of stopping before it broke through the barrier at the side of the road. T           he car flew over the edge and flipped over. It landed on its roof and carried on down the mountain side, gaining speed with every second. Stan was screaming at the top of his lungs. His foot was still firmly on the breaks but it wasn’t helping, the car carried on hurtling down the side of the mountain. They hit a ridge with a smash, which flipped the car back up right and launched it back into the air. Stan braced himself as he saw the large tree the car was heading towards.


The car hit the tree with a smash loud enough to be heard miles away, where it finally came to a halt.


Stan crawled out from the wreckage of the car. His entire body ached and he was bleeding heavily. He looked over at Kyle who was slumped where he was sitting, in the passenger seat.


Stan pulled his mobile phone out of his pocket, typed in 911 and hit “send”


“911 emergency” the operator answered


“Help” Stan managed to croak out before collapsing and losing consciousness