Chapter 8

Starks Pond

Stan and Kyle walked down the path to Starks pond, hand-in-hand with one-another.


“This is it. This is where I wanted to bring you” Stan said, as they reached the surrounding the pond. He sighed “Lame, aren’t I?”


Kyle stood there and smiled at him, and kissed him lightly. “No” he responded with a smile


They began to walk around the pond. “How many times have we nearly lost each other, and never given it a second thought in our lives?” Stan asked, not really expecting an answer


“Dozens, almost Literally” Kyle remarked “Times like, when you wouldn’t vote and got kicked out of town”


“Or when you had that haemorrhoid” Stan smiled


“and when we we’re both getting shot at, trying to take that egg up to the stage with Mrs. Garrison” Kyle chuckled


“Oh god yeah. What about when we went to war with Canada? We could have all been killed” Stan looked up at the sky


“I swear! Only MY mum would do something like that” Kyle laughed “what about when old people were going insane in their cars and mowing just about every other innocent pedestrian down?”


“there’s that time you joined the David Blane cult and they nearly drowned you”


“Or the Scientologists that tried to brainwash you” Kyle smiled at Stan.


“Yeah” Stan looked ahead of them “some good times there”


Kyle looked at him, half in surprise, half in humour “Getting nearly killed and getting brainwashed were good times?” he chuckled


Stan looked at him and smiled “This is Park county. But yeah, we were always there for each other”


Kyle smiled back at him “Yeah, good point”


They walked past a bench and Stan stopped, pulling his digital camera out of his pocket and turning it on “Do you mind if I take this picture now?”


“Sure dude. Now’s as goodder time as any” Kyle smiled


Stan jogged over to the bench and perched the camera on there. As he did so, he didn’t realise but he’d pressed the button for it to take 2 pictures, one a few seconds after the other. “Ok, I’ve got the timer set to ten seconds” he said


“Ok.” Kyle replied


Stan pressed the button on the camera. It began to bleep and a little red light began to flash on the front of it. He ran back over to Kyle and put his arm over Kyle’s shoulder. They both smiled and waited for the timer to run out. After 10 seconds, the flash went off and the camera made a “Click!” sound. Kyle looked at Stan and drew him into a deep, loving kiss.


Neither boys knew, nor really cared that the camera had begun counting down again, about to take the next picture. The Flash went off again, and caught a picture of the two of them just about showing their faces, but locked in a deep and loving kiss. The stars were reflecting off the frozen water of the lake, everything was perfectly still. They were bathed in the subtle blue light from the street lights that lined the footpath around the pond.


They slowly came away from each other, smiling and caressing each other softly. Kyle motioned his eyes over towards the camera. Stan realised and went over to grab it. “Did it work?” Kyle asked


Stan looked at the camera’s display which read “Accessing memory card. Please wait” after a few seconds, the first image that it took came up on the screen, to Stan’s relief and excitement, both of them were in it. “YES!! YES! It worked!!” He ran over to Kyle excitedly and showed him


“That’s fantastic!” Kyle beamed as he looked down at the picture.


After a few seconds, Stan switched the camera off and slipped it back into his coat pocket.


Kyle sighed and looked down at his watch, Knowing that it was nearly time


Stan looked on nervously as Kyle’s face evidently sank. “This is it. Severn o’clock” Said Kyle solemnly.


“No, It can’t be” Stan said in disbelief. He really didn’t want it to be Severn o’clokc, but he looked at his watch, and it was


“I love you, Stan” Kyle said as he and Stan wrapped their arms around each other tightly and drew themselves into one last kiss. A deep, and loving kiss that seemed to last forever. Neither of them knew how long it lasted, but they knew it was never going to be long enough.


Kyle Began to fade away. Stan felt the chill on him and slowly broke away the kiss. He looked Kyle deep in the eyes. All he could do was watch as Kyle faded away, the tears welling up in his eyes. “I love you too, Kyle! I always will!” Stan said, chocking back the tears.


With his final few moments, barely visible he Kissed Stan on the cheek and looked him deep in the eyes, smiling as he finally faded into nothing he said “I love you, Stan”


Those words will ring in Stan’s ears forever


Stan looked down at his arms, where he had been holding Kyle around the waist, nothing was there. “No.” He swiped at the air in desperation. “No!!” Stan fell to his knees in the snow and Started to cry loudly. “NO!! KYLE!! PLEASE, COME BACK TO ME!” he yelled. “Please…” He trailed off, looking down at the snow and crying.


He closed his eyes and images of Kyle came flooding into his mind. The one he could never have, the one he could never hold, and the one he could never kiss. He collapsed against the snow and rolled over on his back, crying shamelessly as their last few moments together replayed in his mind. “I miss you already Kyle” He cried.