Chapter 7

I want to

“How did it feel?” Stan asked as they lay there in each other’s arms, naked on his bed


“Great.” Kyle replied, smiling stupidly.


“That’s not what I meant, Kyle” Stan replied in a serious tone


“What did you mean, then?” Kyle replied


“I meant, what did it feel like to die?” Stan shifted and turned to face Kyle, running his fingers along Kyle’s side


“Well, I’d say It felt kind of strange, But I wouldn’t know.” Kyle responded, looking at his feet


“How can you not know?” Stan asked


“Easily, I was unconscious when I died” Kyle replied


“I forgot about that” Stan hung his head


“The one thing I do remember, vaguely, is what happened immediately after my body died. I remember, I was still sitting in the car, but then I felt like I was being pulled up. Instinctively, I pushed up. I wasn’t in any pain, I don’t remember any pain….but I looked down and I realised I was leaving my own body. It was too late for me to go back” Kyle said, looking straight ahead, not at Stan.


Stan gripped the bed sheets tighter, shutting his eyes tight as tears welled up in them. He wanted to cry


“That’s pretty much all I remember. The next thing I know, and I remember clearly, was waking up and meeting moses…but the truth of the matter is, I never actually woke up. Just my soul did. My last conscious memory was me bumping my head on the car ceiling. Moses told me that it was internal haemorrhaging that killed me. I must have snapped a few bones on the way down, but apparently, I was dead before the car stopped.” Kyle looked over at Stan and saw him shaking, his eyes shut tight, and tears streaming down his cheeks


“I…I don’t even remember the accident” He chocked out “I remember you yelling for me to look out, me swerving, and the car going through the barriers and off the road. That’s all I remember” Stan began to cry, resting his head on Kyle’s body “I killed the boy I love, my best friend, and I don’t even remember doing it.” Stan’s tears began to run down Kyle’s chest.


“Stan, I know this is hard, but please, don’t cry.” Kyle wrapped his arms around Stan “I have less than an hour left. I don’t want to spend it with us in tears”


Stan looked up at him, trying to blink away the tears “I want to take you somewhere that I’ve always dreamt of taking you, and it being just you and I. And I want to try taking a picture of us there. My camera is digital, so we’ll know instantly if it’s worked and got you or not.” Stan chocked out, just about managing to control his crying.


Kyle held him and smiled “Then That’s what we’re going to do”