Chapter 6

Scar Talk

“Kenny?” Butters asked as he peaked his head around Kenny’s bedroom door. Kenny was on his bed, crying into a pillow.


“What?” Kenny snapped


“Your mum and dad were worried about you, s-so was I. We wanted to see how you were doing” Butters said softly as he moved to Kenny’s side, putting his arm over his boyfriend’s shoulder.


“How do you think? My friend’s dead, I’ve only just come back from his funeral, his best friend and the one who killed him ran out at the end of his funeral because he couldn’t take it, my life is a total mess, and there’s no one out there who’ll help me” Kenny shoved his face back into the pillow o hide his tear-stained cheeks


Butters rubbed Kenny’s shoulder “I’ll help you” he said, not quite sure what to do, but trying to sound sympathetic.


Kenny looked up at Butters, who pulled a tissue out of his pocket and dried Kenny’s eyes. “Kyle was your friend, he was everybody’s friend. What happened was unfortunate, but it happened and there is nothing we can do b-but honour Kyle’s memory…and you know….stuff.” Butters trailed off.


“Leopold Stotch, you’re terrible at this whole comforting and consoling thing” Kenny smiled.


“I-I know” Butters sighed and hung his head.


Kenny smiled and put his arm around Butters, resting his hand on Butter’s shoulder. “I appreciate it, though. Thank you” Kenny Kissed butters on the cheek


“Y-you-you’re welcome” Butters blushed and turned away shyly.


“I tried Calling Stan the other day, but I guess he’s not ready to talk about it yet” Kenny hung his head


“W-well, I’m not surprised. I was in a car accident once, and I lived…I didn’t want to talk about it for months. God only knows how Stan feels”


“You were in a car accident?” Kenny looked up


“Yes sir!” Butters replied “That’s how I got this” He lifted his shirt up and showed Kenny a scar that ran right across his chest from his right shoulder down to just above the left side of his stomach. “I hadn’t got the seat-belt on quite right, when the other car hit us, it cut right into me. Saved my life though. Stopped me from flying straight through the windscreen, but it scarred me for life”


Kenny ran his fingers across the scar. It was just a flesh-scar and felt no different to the normal skin surrounding it. “I never noticed before”


“W-well, usually when I have my shirt off, you’re pretty busy doing other things, so I guess I can forgive you for not noticing” Butters chucked.


“Wow” Kenny Murmured in reply.