Chapter 5

You do? I do too!

Stan and Kyle sat down on Stan’s bed. Stan finally broke the silence “How is it that you’re here?” he asked


“Because, Stan, I have to finish off things that I left unfinished. and I think I know what it is” Kyle fidgeted nervously


“What is it?” Stan asked.


“Stan. First thing, I know this has been a hard time for you with shock after shock. The car accident, me dieing, my funeral, me showing up at my own funeral, and finding out that we’ve got now less than four hours left together. I need you to brace yourself for another shock. Please.”


“I’m ready, I think. I don’t think I can be any more shocked than seeing you again”


“Well, I know this is really forward of me, and things seem to be happening really quickly but Stan…I love you”


Stan sat there for a few moments. He didn’t know what to make of the whole situation. His head was spinning at a pace faster than he could manage, things were coming at him faster than he could comprehend them and now his best friend and crush was saying that he loved him!? He eventually started to speak “Woah. That’s a lot to take in”


Kyle stood up, another shock came from his wrist “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, I’m gonna go now!” he said, running for the door but he was stopped by Stan’s voice


“No! Kyle please, don’t go! We still have a few hours. Please Stay” There was a knock at the door. Kyle froze where he was. “Y…yeah?” Stan asked


“Stanley, honey. It’s mum. Can I come in?” Sharon Marsh’s voice came from the other side of the door.


“Sure” Stan replied.


His mum peeked around the door at him and walked in “I thought I heard voices” she said, walking over to Stan’s side “You left so quickly, honey, I was worried about you.”


“I’m fine, mum. It’s just that, I couldn’t take it. That’s all” he said, as his mum sat down next to him and put her arm around him, Kyle returning and sitting on his knees in front of stan


“I know, sweetie. We all miss Kyle.” She said, putting her arms around him”


Stan looked at Kyle, then looked at his mum “Mum, is it possible for someone to…you know, come back to life?”


“Some people believe that it is, honey. Personally, I don’t know. Why do you ask?”


“No reason” he replied.


“I know you want Kyle back, sweetheart. But that’s not going to bring him back. If you want him, prey to him. He’s listening” with that, Sharon stood up and kissed Stan on the cheek. “I’ll leave you with your thoughts for a while, if that’s ok?”


Stan smiled and nodded, then waited for her to leave the room.


Kyle stood up, but Stan stood up with him and walked over to him. “Stan?” Kyle asked


Stan remained speechless and put his arms around Kyle. “I love you too, Kyle.”


Kyle stood there in amazement, wandering what to think, but before he could get his head around the facts, he was being lead by Stan over to the bed.


“This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Do you think it’ll feel the same?” Stan asked


“I think so. I have a full body for the next few hours.” He could feel an erection growing.


Stan sat back on his bed, Kyle straddled him and kissed him timidly


“You don’t have to be afraid, Kyle. If anything, I need to be.” Stan smiled


Kyle smiled back and unbuttoned Stan’s shirt, kissing his way down Stan’s body as he un-did the buttons. As Stan’s shirt came un-done, he pushed it, along with the blazer of Stan’s suit off his body.


Stan ran his hands over Kyle’s body, feeling amazed that he could feel everything just as it should have been. Kyle’s heat, his clothes, all the rises and pits of his body, everything. “it’s…”


“What?” Kyle asked. He looked down at where Stan’s hand’s were “It’s ME, Stan. For a while, at least.”


Stan looked Kyle in the eyes and pulled him into a deep kiss, running his hand’s down Kyle’s body.


Kyle kissed him back, unclipping Stan’s belt and sliding his trousers down to the floor, leaving Stan in nothing but his boxer shorts. His erection showing through them.


Stan blushed heavily, blushing even more when Kyle pushed his boxers out of the way, exposing his long, hard cock and rubbing it gently.


Kyle removed his own clothes, pushing Stan down onto the bed and straddling his legs. Kyle lifted himself up and placed his hole over the tip of Stan’s cock.


Stan pressed up against Kyle’s hole, wanting to push in hard into him.


Kyle sat down properly on Stan’s cock, clenching his muscles around Stan’s manhood, sending waves of pleasure shooting through both their bodies.


Stan lay back, waiting until Kyle had sat all the way down on his cock before moving. As Kyle began to slide up and down on him, he began to move, staying in opposite Sync to Kyle’s motions.


Kyle tightened himself on Stan’s cock, bucking up and sown on him.


Stan reached up and gripped Kyle’s stiffening Shaft tightly. Pumping it up and down as best he could in such an awkward position.


Kyle panted and gasped. He always had been easy to please, sexually, that is.


Stan pumped him harder as Kyle tensed up around his dick, pushing deep inside Kyle’s body.


Kyle felt an orgasm building up in his body. He didn’t quite know what to expect, with not being alive, but everything seemed to be working just fine. He squeezed on Stan’s throbbing cock as hard as he could, trusting his own against Stan’s hand


Stan quietly moaned Kyle’s name as he orgasmed, Deep inside Kyle’s body, thrusting his cock with his boy juice deep inside Kyle.


Kyle smiled for a brief second, feeling Stan’s fluid rush up inside him, before letting out a stream of his own all over Stan’s body.


It was weird, Stan knew it was supposed to be warm, and the inside of Kyle was warm, but his sperm was very cold as it hit him.


Kyle relaxed and calmed down as his orgasm subsided, he lay down on top of Stan and kissed him deeply. “I really do love you, Stan.”


“I love you too” Stan replied as he held Kyle in his arms