Chapter 4

You're Alive?!

“In closing, I understand that his friend Stanley Marsh has a few words to say” A rabbi said as Stan approached the stage.


“Thank you” Stan said as he positioned a piece of paper on the podium and cleared his throat. He began to read from it “Ladies and Gentlemen, friends and family of Kyle. I’m sure you all know who I am, and I’m sure that you all know that I was the driver of the car which went off the road” Stan began to choke “There’s nothing I can say that will bring Kyle back, nothing I can say that will restore someone who was a wonderful son, and was the best friend I or anyone else, could ever wish for. I’ve been thinking about what happened every night since it happened or at least, what I can remember of it. I even visited the site where the car smashed through the barriers. I keep thinking, and I’m sure a few of you, the few that are sitting here glaring at me, that I should have been the one that died that night. I don’t know why I wasn’t. I don’t know why Kyle was chosen instead of me. I’m not asking anyone here for forgiveness, nor do I even believe I deserve it. I came here to say this. We all remember Kyle by the last moments we were with him, in my case, those weren’t very pleasant moments. Kyle wouldn’t want that. He would want us to remember him for everything we did with him, for everything he did for us, and for the times we all shared with him.” Stan could no longer hold back the tears “That’s all I have to say, thank you for your time.” Stan looked at the coffin in front of him “I miss you Kyle” Stan said as his eyes flooded with tears and he darted from the stage.


Stan ran out of the synagogue, out into the blinding daylight. He ran around the back of the synagogue and leant his back against the wall, sinking down into the snow and crying heavily. He felt a hand on his shoulder “Hi mum” he said, not looking up and assuming it was his mums hand on his shoulder.


“I’ve been called a few things in my life, but ‘mum’ is a new one on me” A voice came as the arm went around him.


Stan looked over where the voice came from and fell over to his side in shock when he saw Kyle’s concerned, but smiling face standing right there next to him. “K-KYLE?!” he stammered


Kyle felt a shock on his wrist where the watch was; it must have started. Kyle softened “That’s me”


“You’re alive?!” Stan asked


“Yes and No. I’m here because you’re the last person who saw me alive and There’s something I need to sort out with you. I’m pretty sure I know what it is, but we need to find somewhere private first.”


“Why?” Stan asked, tears still in his eyes, standing up. “Don’t you want your parents to see you?


Hung his head “They can’t you’re the only one who can see and hear me, and I only have-” Kyle looked down at the watch “Four hours with you before I have to go back” He began to walk in the direction of Stan’s house, which wasn’t far from where they were. “Is your house empty?” he asked


“Yeah, it is…hold up. Go back?” Stan asked.


Kyle continued to pull Stan with him “I have until seven o’clock tonight with you, then that’s it, Stan. That’s all we get”


Shock shot through Stan’s body. He wasn’t ready to have heard something like that, but he had no real choice but to accept it. “Four hours” he repeated in a quiet voice.