Chapter 3

Ectoplasm, and stuff

Kyle sat around in limbo, waiting for his turn to be called before Moses. He’d lead a good life, he didn’t think he’d spent his days badly but none the less, he was nervous about what might happen to him.


“Kyle” a voice boomed.


Kyle stood up and swallowed hard “Y-yes?” he responded.


“Come through” the voice instructed, as a door appeared before him.


He did as he was told. He was met not by what he had expected, and what he had come to know as Moses, but something completely different. Instead of Moses just being an entity, as he was usually, he was there in a human form. They stood in a white room, no doors other than the one he had just walked in through, no windows, and no apparent ceiling. Just white. “Moses?” Kyle asked


“That is me, my Child. I see we have met before, young Kyle.”


“Yes, we have. A few times.” He responded


“Do you know why you are here?”


“Yes. I know I’ve died.”


“Do you know how you died?”


“No.” Kyle responded


“Think about your last memory. What happened?”


Kyle thought for a few seconds. “I….I was in a car with my friend Stan. We were talking about music, I yelled look out and the car went off the road. The last thing I remember was my head bumping the car ceiling.”


“The car accident was what killed you. It damaged your body so severely and you died of internal haemorrhaging before the car even came to a stop.”


“wow” was all Kyle could come out with. He was in shock, not only was he dead but how he died was pretty horrific


“But, it looks to me that you had something that you wanted to do before you died”


“Hmm? What?” Kyle asked


“Well, that’s for you to figure out, I’m afraid. The only thing I can tell you is that the last person who saw you alive is the only one you can speak to and communicate with.”


“Stan?” Kyle asked


“Yes. You’ll appear and feel to him as though you’re still alive but you only have until seven o’clock in the evening of the first day you make yourself appear to him. That may or may not be enough, but if it’s not you will have to wait until you have the strength to re-appear to him again.”


“How long could that take?” he asked


“Anything from a week to…well…the longest one...We're still waiting to find out. But it varies from person to person. You’re lucky though. It seems that what it is you need to do, has to do with Stan anyway”


Kyle swallowed hard. He knew exactly what it was, and he only had a few hours to do it. He knew he could come back and try again, but was it worth the risk of it taking an indefinite amount of time for him to re-build his energy? “Oh” he replied


Moses pulled something out from behind him “You’ll need this.” He handed Kyle a watch. “once you make yourself known to Stan, this will begin counting down to seven o’clock and tell you exactly how long you have left. It’s got something like an alarm feature on it. It emits a small electronic charge when the timer starts, and about a minute before time is about to run out.” Moses moved over an opened a door that gave off a sort of blue aura. “Now go. Your funeral is just about half way through. Stan is there, I would suggest coming to his attention at the first possible opportunity”


Kyle nodded and walked towards the door “Thank you, Moses” he said as he stepped through the door and vanished.