Chapter 2

I'm Sorry

A few days later, Stan was able to return home. The hospital told him to come back in a few weeks for a check-up. He’d been in a car accident, had suffered a concussion and been rendered unconscious for a few days. He eagerly agreed to the check-up.


“I’m gonna head up to my room for a bit” he told his parents as they walked into the house.


“Ok, Stan. Keep the door open” his mum said as he walked up stairs. Stan only passively acknowledged her. Sharon turned to Randy “Oh Randy. My boy is hurting so much”


Randy looked at her “It could be worse. The brofslovski’s are in more pain than we are”


Stan opened his room door and picked up the phone, which had began to ring almost immediately he walked in the room. “Hello?” He asked


“Hey you! How’re things?” A voice at the other end of the phone asked


“Hi Kenny. Pretty bad. I take it you heard the news?”


“Yeah. I heard. You going to the service in a few days”


“Of course I’m going. I’ve been asked to say something too. I’m dreading it”


“I can believe it. Look, I’m sorry. If you ever need anyone to talk to, I’m only the other end of the phone. Ok?”




“I gotta get going. Feel better soon, please.”


“See ya, Ken.” Stan put the phone down and looked over at a photo of him and Kyle on his desk. He picked it up and stared at it as he walked over to his bed and lay down on his front, still holding the picture and staring at it. “It’s my fault, isn’t it, Kyle?” He spoke up. “I should have kept my eyes on the road, instead of turning around to talk to you. You’d think I’d know that by now. I’ve been driving for long enough to know that you never take your eyes off the road.”


Stan rolled over onto his back, holding the picture above his head and staring at it, he just lay there for a few moments, not saying a word. What was there to say? Who was there to talk to? He just felt so alone. “I love you, Kyle”


Stan slowly came to tears, his whole body shaking as he cried, the tears pouring out of his eyes. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry I killed you, Kyle.” Stan slay there, holding the picture to his chest and crying.