Chapter 1

Hells Pass Hospital

Stan lay there with his eyes closed. He could hear a rhythmic bleeping noise and could sense the presence of other people around him. It took him a second, but he realised the “Bleep! Bleep! Bleep!” he could hear, was his own pulse. He tried to open his eyes but the room around him was too bright, so he squeezed them back shut.


“Did you see that?” he heard a female gasp “He’s waking up!”


“What??” A male voice asked


“Stanley, Honey. Can you hear me?” The female voice asked again


“Nrgh” Was all Stan managed in reply. He opened his eyes and squinted against the bright fluorescent lights above his head.


“Stan!!!” The female voice squealed “Oh Honey! You’re awake!”


Stan Started to take in the details of his surroundings. He saw his mum coming towards him with open arms which she wrapped around him and hugged him tight. “ouch!! Hi mum.”


“Hi baby!!”


“Where am I? What’s happened?” he groaned


“You’re in the hospital , son. You had a car accident” Randy Marsh replied


“I was? Oh god. What happened?” Stan asked.


“The ambulance people said your car came off the side of the mountain road and rolled down the hill. The found you a few feet away from it, you dialled nine-one-one on your mobile phone just before passing out. They just tracked the phone signal. You were both pretty badly injured and the car was totalled.”


“You guys must be really upset with me. I’m sorry about the car. I’ll save up all my money and pay you back, I promise”


“We’re not worried about that now, son. All that matters is that you’re ok” Sharon replied.


“Hang on a sec. You said BOTH of us were pretty badly injured. Who else was in the car?” Stan asked


Sharon looked at him “You really don’t remember, do you?” She asked. Stan shook his head.


“You’re friend, Kyle.” Randy replied, hanging his head


Stan sat there in horror for a few moments, then something in his brain kicked in, and the memory of the whole accident came flooding back to him. “Is Kyle Ok?” he asked, Neither of them responded.