Two hours later, Stan wandered into his room, still shaking and crying. The love of his life was gone for good, he was the driver that caused the accident, and there was nothing he could do about it.


He went to take off his jacket when he noticed something square in the pocket. He pulled it out. “MY CAMERA!” he thought suddenly.


Stan dashed over to his computer and knocked the mouse to remove the screen saver, sending it skittering off the desk. He plugged the data cable into the camera and watched as the computer came up with the software, picking the mouse up off the floor where it had landed.


“Please, PLEASE. I hope now that Kyle faded away, his picture didn’t” He pushed a few buttons on the computer, which straight away came up “Downloading. Please wait” he waited a few moments until the screen changed to “You may now unplug the camera” He unplugged it and watched as the computer worked more “Loading images”


Stan sat there on the edge of his seat for a few seconds while the computer worked away. Finally an image appeared on the screen.


Unlike how the camera had come up with the first image it took, the computer came up with the very last image the camera took. Stan couldn’t believe it, he could see himself, standing there at night, with the lake behind him Kissing Kyle! “Oh GOD! Thank you!” He breathed and clicked the mouse, which moved along to the picture of them two standing there with their arms around each other.


Stan sat there for several minutes. Waiting while the first thing he did with the pictures was over. He was making several backup copies of them onto various different media. He put them on his general photos CD, Onto a blank CD of their own, a copy of them on a few zip disks, and a copy on floppy disks. He then opened the draw next to his computer and pulled out some special glossy paper, which he loaded into the printer and waited impatiently for them to print on high quality setting.


While he waited, he just happened to look properly on the desk and he found a note on a sheet of paper.


Dear Stan,

            I know you don’t remember seeing me write this note, and I think telling you how and when I wrote it may scare you. On the other hand, you may have already worked out that I’ll still be able to do things like this very, very occasionally.


I wanted to tell you that, because I love you, I don’t want you to stay alone for the rest of your life. That will make you unhappy, which will make me unhappy. Please, if you find other guys that you are attracted to, I want you to go out with them. Do not dwell on what is now the past, as it will hinder your future.


When You feel the need to talk to me, just talk. I can see and hear you. I can even choose to be by your side. You may notice me occasionally. Apparently some people are receptive to it...You know, ghosts being there with them and stuff. I’m never going to leave your side, Stan. No matter what happens, no matter what you do, you will always have a friend, and lover right next to you. I may even be able to communicate back like this a few times, if you really need help.


Please, don’t do anything stupid and try to take your life in order to join me. I’m not going anywhere, and when it’s your time to die, I’ll be here waiting for you, even If I have to wait the next 100 years.


I know your going to have some hard times in your life, and I want you to remember this: When you feel the whole world is against you, and you have no friends, and no one to turn to, think of me. I’ll always be your friend and your lover.


I’m glad those pictures came out OK. Keep them safe for me.


I love you, Stan.


Love Kyle.


Stan dried his eyes with a piece of tissue and picked the papers up out of the printer. “I love you too, Kyle”



The End


Author’s note! These are the lyrics from the song “Remember me this way” by Jordan Hill. It’s the music to the film “Casper” In this case, it’s being sung by the boys.


Stan is standing alone against a black background. Nothing else can be seen but Stan standing in a spotlight


Stan: Every now and then

We find a special friend

Who never lets us down. 


The spotlight broadens and Kyle walks on stage singing


Kyle: Who understands it all

Reaches out each time you fall


Stan & Kyle look at each other, they grab each other by both hands and smile


Both: You're the best friend that I've found 


Stan Shuts his eyes tight and looks down


Stan: I know you can't stay

But part of you will never ever go away

Your heart will stay


Stan opens his eyes again, Looks Kyle deep in the eyes and puts his hand on Kyle’s chest


Kyle puts his arm around Stan, looking him in the eyes


Kyle: I'll make a wish for you

And hope it will come true

That life will just be kind

To such a gentle mind

If you lose your way

Think back on yesterday

Remember me this way, hmm

Remember me…this way 


Stan shuts his eyes tight


Stan: I don't need eyes to see

The love you bring to me

No matter where I go 


He opens them again and looks softly upon Kyle’s face


Stan: And I know that you'll be there

Forever more a part of me, you're everywhere

I'll always care


Kyle puts his arms around Stan and hugs him tightly


Kyle: I'll make a wish for you

And hope it will come true

That life will just be kind

To such a gentle mind

If you lose your way

Think back on yesterday

Remember me this way

Remember me this way


Kyle walks behind Stan and sings over Stan’s shoulder, hugging him around the waist


Kyle: And I'll be right behind your shoulder watching you

I'll be standing by your side and all you do

And I won't ever leave

As long as you believe

You just believe…


Kyle walks around to Stan’s side and they put their arms around each other’s waists


Both: I'll make a wish for you

And hope it will come true

That life will just be kind

To such a gentle mind

And, if you lose your way

Think back on yesterday

Remember me this way


Kyle starts walking backwards, out of the light


Kyle: Remember me this way


Kyle’s silhouette fades and once again Stan is standing there on his own


Stan: . . . this waaaaaAAAAaay


Stan looks up towards the sky, the light quickly fades away until all is dark.