Quiet Mountain Town

Series: South Park
Main Characters: Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny, Butters, Wendy
Time Set: Present Day, The characters are all around 17 years old
Location: South Park, Colorado.

17-year-old Stan Marsh is in love with his best friend Kyle, but how can he tell him without ruining their friendship?

When Cartman finds out what's going on between them, he starts to blackmail them with a video he made of the two of them, but just how much of his maliciousness can Stan and Kyle take before they retaliate?

Stan and Kyle embark on a journey of self discovery and exploration, going head-first into a world that 6 months previously, neither of them thought they would ever be in, and it feels like just about everything is standing in their way.

The cover image is (C) by "Pocky Girl"
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This story contains scenes of a graphic, Sexual nature between 2 males. If you don't like that kind of thing, DO NOT READ THIS. This story is not for minors, so if you are not legally an adult in your jurisdiction then, again, DO NOT READ THIS.

You have been warned. Bottom line: Don't Like? Don't Click.

Quiet Mountain Town