Dazed And Confused

Series: Saturday People (Web comic)
Main Characters: Daze Ryder, Pierre Debut, "Trick"
Time Set: Present Day, The characters are all around 20 years old
Location: Canada


Trick has a friend who's leaving town and he wanted to give him a going away present; Daze.

When Daze finds out that one of the two people who he hates the most wants to sleep with him, and the other person is blackmailing him into doing so, he's not happy about it but will he go through with it?

Written in first person from Daze's point of view

The cover image is (C) by Tiffany Gallant - Smarmy Monkey Productions.
Used with permission from the monkey herself! (Thanks, Mika! =oD )


This story contains scenes of a graphic, Sexual nature between 2 males and Inferred use of "Date rape" drugs. If you don't like that kind of thing, DO NOT READ THIS. This story is not for minors, so if you are not legally an adult in your jurisdiction then, again, DO NOT READ THIS.

You have been warned. Bottom line: Don't Like? Don't Click.

Dazed And Confused