Quiet Mountain Town


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Quiet Mountain Town Prologue

Chapter 1. "On The Way Over"

Chapter 2. "Stans House"

Chapter 3. "PIZZA!!"

Chapter 4. "That Night..."

Chapter 5. "The Morning After"

Chapter 6. "Their Worst Nightmare"

Chapter 7. "Phone Calls"

Chapter 8. "What Does Gaming do to you?"

Chapter 9. "A Sticky Situation"

Chapter 10. "Oh...Shit"

Chapter 11. "Work Hard, Play Harder"

Chapter 12. "The Couple's First Day"

Chapter 13. "Lunch Time"

Chapter 14. "Information Communication Technology"

Chapter 15. "Dear Stan..."

Chapter 16. "The City Of Blinding Light"

Chapter 17. "A Plan"

Chapter 18. "The Showers"

Chapter 19. "The Bible"

Chapter 20. "I've Got Them"

Chapter 21. "Unexpected, Uninvited"

Chapter 22. "The Bleachers"

Chapter 23. "Hard Drives And Stuff"

Chapter 24. "The Cops"

Chapter 25. "Interviews"

Chapter 26. "TWEAK?!"

Chapter 27. "AAAARRGH! OH GOD, NO!"

Chapter 28. "Time To Face The Music?"

Chapter 29. "I Don't Want To Hear About It"

Chapter 30. "At Bloody Last!"

Chapter 31. "Pillow Talk"

Chapter 32. "The Gossip"

Chapter 33. "The City Of Not So Blinding Lights"

Chapter 34. "Canteen Confession"