Evergreen lake


They were taking a slow walk down the side of the hill. They’d only actually been gone from their home about 35 minutes. They were not very far from the village now but were both nervous as hell and not having seen any people in black shirts and white ties wasn’t making that any easier. The adrenaline was rushing through them


“So let me get this straight. You come to a place like this all the time, and you never told me? Why?” Alan asked


“I don’t know. It’s not something I wanted to keep from you, I just didn’t share it for some reason” Jet explained. “Anyway, show time” Jet said as they turned down onto a concrete road.


“so what now? We start asking round for her or do we try and find the street?” Alan said


“I think the best bet would be look for the road. There’s only about 4 roads anyway. 5 counting the main one” Jet looked around “There. Look!”


“What is it?”


“someone with a Black shirt and white tie!” he said quietly, looking around quickly for some place to hide


Alan and Jet moved quickly behind the large transit van beside them. Alan ducked down by the window. The man had something under his arm. It looked like a lap-top to him. He looked down. There was a bit of fresh blood where he was standing. He looked at it curiously, wondering why there was none on the van, but some on the floor


The man walked past and up a road on the opposite side of the van to them. Jet looked over where Alan was standing and noticed the blood. He looked at Alan who appeared to him to be thinking the same thing. “I guess we’d better get her outta here when we find her then?” he said


“Guess so” Alan replied looking down at the blood by his feet


They watched the black shirt disappear round the corner and came out from behind the van. “Ok. So where’s short road?” Jet asked him self.


“Dunno” Alan replied “But I’m guessing that black shirt just came out of it. So if we walk in the direction he came from we should find it.”


Jet nodded. They both turned around to face the end of the long main road and started walking down it.


“Did you or she say when we should be there?” Alan questioned


“No, I just said we would be there as soon as we possibly could. I just hope to god we’re not too late.” Jet said, looking round for Short road


“Well, we haven’t been that long. Only 45 minutes”


“A lot can happen in three quarters of an hour you know”


“True.” Alan said looking at the shops they were passing “Hey look!” he exclaimed


“What? What is it?!” Jet jumped


“They have a Tandy’s” Alan sounded excited


“Wha? Oh! Yeah, funny, its never been open before not when I’ve been here.” Jet sounded relieved


“When are you normally here?” Alan asked


“About 8 o’clock in the evening.” Jet replied


“Maybe that’s why then”


“Yeah well…ah! There it is!” Jet said almost yelling


“What’s up?” Alan asked, almost equally excited


“Short road” Jet said as he pointed to a street sign on the corner of a road.


Alan looked over. The name of the road described it very well; there were only about 10 houses in the cul-de-sac.


The boys looked at each other and started to cross the road to the other side where Short road was.


The place wasn’t very busy for some reason. There were a few people milling about but Jet had seen a lot more people than this when he had been there before.


“There. There’s number four” Alan pointed to a little house that didn’t have much left of the front door


He and Jet walked up the garden path and into the house. “Hello??” Jet shouted as he walked into the hallway


The house was a wreck. It had been totally trashed. There had obviously been a huge struggle there. Papers were all over the place, bookshelves in the living room had been knocked over. Jet ventured into the kitchen and saw it was almost completely destroyed. There was something in a saucepan boiling on the stove. Jet walked over to it and turned off the gas. The pan was still half-full with water, so it couldn’t have been boiling that long.


All of a sudden there was a noise from behind him. Jet swung round to see a large lump of wood coming at him. He couldn’t duck out of the way in time. It hit him in the head and everything went dark.