It Runs In The Family

Series: South Park
Main Characters: Stan, Kyle
Time Set: Present Day, The characters are all around 17 years old
Location: Stans house, South Park, Colorado.


One-shot (Single Chapter) Fanfic

Stan has just had a hot tub installed in his back garden, and he was dieing to test it out, and share it with his friend. Stan and Kyle find out the hard way that things do run in families, but they take it just that extra bit further


The cover image, "Colourful, Steamy Wetness" is (C) Dark Penguin
Image used with permission
I should also add that Dark Penguin was the one who gave me the inspirational line for this story.


This story contains scenes of a graphic, Sexual nature between 2 males. If you don't like that kind of thing, DO NOT READ THIS. This story is not for minors, so if you are not legally an adult in your jurisdiction then, again, DO NOT READ THIS.

You have been warned. Bottom line: Don't Like? Don't Click.


I don't own south park or anything to do with it. That's all (C) Matt Stone & Trey parker. The only thing I lay claim to is the written text in this fic.

It Runs In The Family