Well, thatís the story of how I got here anyway and what has made me want to re-evaluate the important things in life, such as my sexuality, hehe.


Trick DID point out to me where that Smart Media card is, itís sitting over there on the dressing table in an envelope with my name on it.


I dunno where Trick is right now. As far as I know the movers arenít showing up until tonight. I know I canít stand him, but he opened up a whole new world for me, so Iím in two minds as to what I think of him now. Only time will tell, I guess.


I hate to think where the others think I got to last night, but Iíll be damned if Iím gonna explain it, at least not yet anyway. I MIGHT Tell Li, I dunno. Cinder, I dunno how she would react, Pierre doesnít know that I enjoyed it, and I would rather keep it that way, and Faith will just go on the war path, thereís no way I want any part of that. Iíll only get the blame off her anyway. Sheíll pin it on what she thinks happened in the club the other night, then that would be her and Cinder giving me headaches about ďtaking it easyĒ for the next few monthsÖheadaches I do not want.


Anyway, If youíll excuse me, I have to get myself to the train station and back into town before anybody really starts to wander where I am. Later.




Virtually everything about this story (c) Mikata

Except the Written work, (c) Me


Dedicated To Mikata, whoís Sexy drawing inspired me to write this! Good luck in Japan Mika-Chan! ^_^