Chapter 6

Tricks house

I sat in Pierre’s car as he drove down the road to where trick lived. I was sorely mistaken when I thought he lived close to the city centre campus, we seemed to be in the car forever, and we had certainly left the city centre.


“Turn Next left” The navigator sitting on the dashboard said in a robotic male voice as it showed a little animation. Since Pierre knew Trick so well, I wouldn’t have thought he needed a navigator to get to Trick’s house. I guess I was wrong and I giggled at the thought.


“What’s so funny?” Pierre asked me


“Do you actually know where you’re going?” I asked him


“Of course I do” he looked a little confused


“Then why are you using a navigator?” I smiled.


“Becau…shut it” he told me grumpily and drove on.


For some reason, I found that quite satisfying “Not so smug now, are you?” I grinned, he remained silent.


We drove on for quite some time, I’m not sure how long, all I know is that it was quite a long time. We eventually drove past a sign that read “Moonstone” that was mounted on a train station.


“I’m not picking you up in the morning. Go to that train station and speak to the ticket booth. There is an all-day train ticket left in your name there. First class, of course.” He gave me a sly smile.


“First class?” I asked


“Well, you’re doing me this favour, the least I could do is make sure I owe you nothing in return” he explained


“Ok, Number one, I’m doing this under duress, and two, a train ticket is not going to brink my backside’s virginity back.” I pointed out.


“You didn’t have to do this, you know. You could have walked out of the room there and then.”


“Right, and have you plaster those pictures around the town, make them show up in every e-mail box in the world and make damn sure my family got copies of them. No thanks.”


“I didn’t say I’d do any of that” he tried to sound as innocent as he could, u it wasn’t working. It was fairly obvious that was the plan from day one, just in case I said no. Bastard.


“You didn’t need to” I grumbled


He pulled up into a driveway of a house and switched off the car engine. “We’re here.” he announced.


I looked out of the windscreen at the house. It wasn’t the big, posh house I had expected, but it wasn’t a crappy house either. Had I not known who was behind the curtains, I would have said it was quite a respectable house.


It was dark except for the little bit of light given off by the streetlights, but I could just about make out the features of the house. It was a wide, green bungalow. It had a red front door, over-seen by two porch lights, which were on. A sign he was in, so my situation wasn’t looking good. The lights were on behind the curtains, which radiated a warm glow out of them. It would have looked quite inviting if, again, I didn’t know it was Trick behind all that lot. I did, however, find my curiosity creeping up on me. I was wondering ‘What kind of place is it inside? How does someone like that live?’ the thought of a “Shag-pad” came to mind. It seemed fitting for someone like Trick, but I kinda doubted even he would live in a house like that. That sorta thing seemed reserved for Austin Powers.


Pierre and I got out of the car and headed towards the house. My stomach started to churn almost immediately, and the feeling only got worse with every step I took. I remembered reading something about that from a Biology text book. Something about the “butterflies” in your stomach being caused by adrenaline which is what gives us the extra energy to “Fight, defend of flee”. Something like that, hell if I know. I major in Chemistry, not biology.


Pierre rang the doorbell and my nerves made me want to be sick. I started wandering where to aim it. All over Pierre would have been a good option. That’d show him. Hehehe. Anyway, I didn’t, I wasn’t sick at all, although, I’da loved to have seen the look on Pierre’s face if I was sick down his shirt, heh.


Trick answered the door. I think I expected him to be all over me straight away, or tackle me to the floor and do me right there on the porch, but he didn’t, he just acted like everything was normal and we were just his friends.


“Hi guys. C’mon in” he motioned us into the house.


Something didn’t seem right. I know they say everyone has a good/bad guy inside them, but this just seemed unnatural for Trick. I’d say “The only time he’s like this to me is when he’s trying to get me in the sack” but given the story I’m telling you, that would be a pretty stupid statement to make, wouldn’t it?


“want anything to drink?” he asked


“Yeah, what you got?” Pierre asked him


“Erm, I’ve got Coffee, Tea, Cola, Lemonade, orange juice, black current or tap-water” he said as he lead us into the kitchen.


“I’ll just have a glass of water” Pierre said “Don’t worry, I know where everything is” and he went about pouring it himself.


The inside of the house was not like I expected it at all. It was just…well…normal. I’m really not quite sure what I had expected, but what ever I had expected, this wasn’t it. I wouldn’t have thought that Trick was living in the same sort of surroundings as you and me, I’d have thought that he was living a big, boisterous house like Pierre’s, with the interior expensively decorated with….you know…expensive stuff. Perhaps it was because it was all packed away. Trick WAS going away for a while, so maybe all the expensive stuff that I had expected was in storage or something. There were a few boxes around the place with things like “Kitchen utensils” written on the side of them. I couldn’t be sure though, so I decided it was best not to think about it, it was too trivial to bear thinking about anyway.


“What do you think, Daze? Do you like it?” I looked over to see Trick smiling. For once, it wasn’t that smug smile I had come to expect, but it was looked like an actual human smile


“Hmm? The house? Yeah, I like it.”


“Not what you expected, right?”


“Not quite” I chuckled. What was this? Friendly words between us? Surely not! It really surprised me, but I can’t help it sometimes. If someone who I dislike so much catches me in the right mood, and is seemingly nice towards me, I am the same in return. Considering how I had spoken to him the other day, I didn’t expect him to be nice to me at all….I just kinda expected a night of hard core arse-pounding, my arse, that is, Then sleeping out on the porch; Fairly obviously, that wasn’t going to be the case.


“Right” Pierre put his glass in the sink. “It’s late, I’m off home.” He pulled his keys out of his pocket “Have fun you two” He smirked as he walked out. I wanted to punch his lights out just for the fact those words came out of his mouth, but he was at the door before I could react.


“Bye P-kun” Trick called, and with that, Pierre was gone. Trick turned his attention back to me. “Wanna sit down?” He motioned towards the living room.


“I suppose it’s gonna be the last time I’m able to for a few days, isn’t it?” I asked as I walked through the door.


“I promise, I’ll be gentle with you. It’s your first time, right?”


“With another guy, yes” I said as I plonked myself down on the sofa.


He sat next to me, a little too close for my comfort, but I guess it was inevitable, but when he put his arm around my shoulder I REALLY wanted to say ‘whoa! Personal space!’…I didn’t…but I wanted to.


“What’s wrong?” he asked


‘What’s wrong?!’ I thought. ‘how about the fact I really don’t want to have my backside invaded by someone who I have never really got on with, how about that for what’s wrong?!’ I thought to myself, but I decided to come out with a slightly more polite version, a version that would mean I’d get that damn Smart card by the time this was all over. “I’m just a little apprehensive is all.”


“It’s gonna be ok, I promise” and he kissed me on the cheek.


‘This is it, he’s going in for the kill. Just let it happen, Daze, just wait for it to be over.’ I thought. Thinking back on it, he was quick to get started. I would have at least given them time to get their thoughts together or something, but then again, I’m different to Trick. I don’t get someone to blackmail someone else so as I can screw them. “Lets move into the bedroom before we do this, please” I asked


“Ok, I was planning on moving you there one way or another anyway.” He shrugged.


We got up and walked down the hall into his bedroom. It was somewhat closer to what I had expected than the rest of the house, but not much. The only thing that met my expectations was the king size bed, The one I’m in now, which I sat on the edge of. “Wow, this is…erm…big” I said.


“I was hoping you’d say that about something else” he smirked, sitting on my lap.


I was so embarrassed; my face must have been the same colour as a fire engine. Although, I have no idea what I was embarrassed about, was it the fact that I had said something so obviously stupid, or the fact he was sitting on my lap, with me gaining an erection? I still don’t know, even now.


Trick leaned in and kissed me softly. I was somewhat shocked at first and I took a sharp breath in through my nose, but then I remembered, I’d told myself to ‘Just let it happen’ and I relaxed, but he broke the kiss off quickly. “Are you still tense?” he asked.


“A little, yeah” I replied


“Look, Pierre told me what you told him that you did and didn’t want. You’ve got nothing to worry about.” He smiled, squeezing the muscle on my right arm gently.


I’m noticeably bigger than Trick, and I don’t mean bigger as in taller, since he is the taller one, I mean beefier. I think he thought it was more than his life’s worth to do anything I didn’t want to…besides have me in this whole situation, that is.


“There’s just one thing I need to do first” he said, standing up and heading for the dresser draw.


“What’s that?” I asked, looking over.


He pulled out a tube of stuff that said “Anal-ease” from the draw. “Believe me, this lube might be good, but it’s not nice if it’s cold when you use it. It feels much better warm.” He said, placing the tube on top of the radiator next to the bed. “Now, where was I?” he said, sitting on my lap, one leg either side of my own legs. He pushed me gently down, so I was lying flat on my back. It was at this point that my hard-on really started to show through my jeans. “Oh my, someone seems pleased to see me” he smirked.


Now I was really embarrassed, and do you blame me? Christ.


He worked his hands around the bottom of my tank-top, teasing my waist line before removing it. He pulled me back into a kiss and started running his hand over my front. I know that I’m not the most perfectly formed human in the world, who is? But he seemed to think I was. As I said, I’m pretty toned but that’s down to the dancing and the boxing, and I didn’t think that really amounted for anything, but apparently it does for some people, because by now, his hands were all over me.


I found myself doing something that I never in a million years thought I would be doing, I was gently unbuttoning HIS shirt. ‘What the heck is up with me?!’ I thought. Part of me wanted to stop my fingers from working on his buttons, but the other half wanted me to carry on…and that half was winning the argument. I pushed his shirt off his shoulders, it dropped to the floor behind us, and he lay himself across me.


A new feeling came over my body, I’d never felt like this before, but I really wanted more. Makes me sound like a whore, I know, but that’s what it was like. I was curious and excited at the same time, It was odd.


I wrapped my arms around him and suddenly it was like it wasn’t Trick I was with anymore, it was someone else, I dunno who, just someone else.


After a few minutes of frantic kissing, I felt my belt buckle being realised. I was wearing one of those “one size fits all belts” which are a pain to get off. Seriously, if you want to lock your trousers to your body, those are the things to buy, so I don’t know how I didn’t feeling him messing with it to try and release it. I wear the damn things and I can’t get them off my own body very easily, let alone someone else’s “In the heat of the moment”, as it were.


I un-zipped his trousers and pushed them down exposing his boxer shorts. One half of my mind was shouting at me to stop, but the other half, the half that was still winning, wanted me to keep going. If anything, it was egging me on.


He removed my trousers and we edged further onto the bed, only breaking from the kiss as Trick removed my boxers.


“Is this….you know, It?” I asked, lying there, stripped bare in front of someone who I really could have done without being naked and turned on in front of.


“Not quite.” He smiled, gripping my cock in his right hand.


I lay there, confused for a second. ‘whaaat?’ I thought, then he started gently Stroking my cock. Right off the bat, I knew he had a different technique for wanking off than I did. It takes me a minute or two before I really start setting off any kind of pleasure sensations, but he was. Practice makes perfect, I guess.


I lay my head back and let him do what he was doing. At this rate, I wasn’t going to last very long, It was that good. I was going to, as one of my friends once said “Pop like a soda can”


He took the tip of my cock into his mouth. That was a kinda strange feeling, warm and wet, you know?. But He took it in, slowly easing his lips down over the rest of my cock and he started sucking, rubbing with his hand the bit at the bottom that wouldn’t fit in his mouth.


I felt what must have been his tongue trace around the rim of my cocks head. It went around the rim, down my fraenulum and along the underside of my cock’s head.


My cock was throbbing, I’m not joking, it was throbbing with every beat of my heart. The only time I ever remember that happening was my early teens, I don’t think I need to explain the reason behind that.


He cupped my balls in his hands and rolled them gently, massaging and caressing them, I really never knew that there was any erotic feelings in that area until that point.


Soon enough his hand moved to the “sling” behind my balls, moving towards my arse. I don’t know a huge amount of the workings of the human body, but I do know that there’s erectile tissue and nerves there. God it felt good, being stroked there.


He slipped his tongue under the little flap of skin just under the head of my cock, the little bit of foreskin that got left behind from *Ahem* what the doctors do to little American boys when they are born. That was it for me, after a few minutes of him working on me like that, an orgasm hit me HARD. I arched my back as the waves of pleasure over came my body, but I relaxed back on the bed as the sensation scrambled just about every command my brain was sending to my body.


I cried out in pleasure as I came hard into his mouth. I kinda wish I saw how much spurted out, but from the fact he chocked slightly almost immediately says it was a lot.


I opened my one eye and saw he swallow it, licking his lips. I dunno if I was more turned on by the idea, or wanted to be sick.


He started kissing a line up my body, towards my face and eventually my mouth. In my own mind, I was still with someone else, so I kissed back, deeply and passionately. I knew that Pierre would probably hear about this in the morning, but I didn’t care. My Libido was telling me that this was what it wanted, and how many of us can say no to our libido?


He broke the kiss after a few minutes, it was then I knew exactly what he was about to do next. I knew that this moment would happen at some point, but that doesn’t mean I was ready for it.


He hopped over and grabbed the tube of anal-ease off the top of the radiator, and unscrewed the cap. “Pierre told me what would happen if I hurt you too badly, so you tell me if any of this hurts more than you can take” he said, squeezing some out of the tube and onto his fingers.


I nodded and watched with burning curiosity as he tossed the tube aside and moved towards me. The next thing I felt was something sliding up inside my arse, He was fingering me. This really was a new feeling for me, like every other person on this planet, I’m used to the feeling of things coming out of there, but not going in. I had no idea what to expect.


He pushed his fingers in as deep as they would go, and then started sliding them in and out. My body was still recovering from the orgasmic wall it had just slammed into at 120 Miles-per-hour, and then this. He eventually found the right spot inside me and started rubbing it with his lubed-up finger. From what I understand, that’s my prostate gland, I think, but I’m not sure. What ever it was, him rubbing it felt amazing.


He started to spread his two fingers part, stretching my insides slightly. That felt somewhat interesting. It felt like I was being split in half, even though he obviously wasn’t moving them that far apart.


He pulled his fingers out and lent over me. “Are you ready?” he asked in a soft voice.


I nodded in reply.


He reached down and I felt him position the tip of his cock over my hole. I kept thinking ‘any normal day and I’d have planted my boot firmly in his head.’ But pretty obviously, this wasn’t a normal day.


I took a sharp breath in through my teeth as he pushed inside me. It hurt, but it was a pleasure/pain thing. I could deal with the small amount of pain, because I worked out very quickly that it would lead to a larger amount of pleasure.


After a few moments, he was all the way inside, his cock was in right up to the base. I really expected that to nearly kill me with agony, but it didn’t, it was surprisingly easy and painless.


The next thing I knew was that he was sliding in and out of me. Good lord did that ever feel AMAZEING. His cock was rubbing hard against the bit he had been rubbing with his fingers a few minutes before.


It didn’t take more than a few minutes or so for me to start feel him throbbing inside me, another strange and new feeling to me. He lent over me, both of us sweating buckets, and kissed me deeply. I really wanted more moments like this. Ok, so not with Trick, but with someone who didn’t feel the need to blackmail me into having sex with them.


He broke the kiss as his face contorted. I wondered if he was alright. He grunted a few times and was panting like a dog, I couldn’t work out what was wrong. I think my mind was still being scrambled be the incredible sensations I was getting from my lower half. After a few moments I felt something warm and fluid hit the walls of my insides hard and Trick moaned out my name.


My god I enjoyed it as he came deep inside me. I could feel my intestine filling up, but it didn’t matter, I was in absolute ecstasy, I kid you not.


After a few moments, he relaxed and lay down next to me, kissing my neck. “Thank you” were his words.


Damn right he owed me a thank you, but I didn’t feel like saying anything about that at the time, it just didn’t seem right. I’d just had the best time of my life, albeit, it wasn’t with the person who I wanted it to be with, but that didn’t matter right at that point in time, what mattered was the fact I loved it, and I would do it again any day of the week…provided it wasn’t to do with blackmail again.