Chapter 5

The Meeting

The thought of what was to happen in a few hours was about the only thing on my mind as I walked across the city centre towards the university campus. I just kept thinking ‘You’ll be all right, just do as you’re told and you’ll be all right.’ But since when are things ever that simple? I knew nothing bad was going to happen to me, or that’s what I hoped in any case, but that’s not really the point is it?


The M.C building came into sight…by the way “M.C Building” is short for “Millennium City Building” god only knows why they decided to call it that, but they did. Anyway, I saw the glass structure of the building and I just froze on the spot. My brain was screaming “MOVE!” at me, but I wasn’t sure which command it wanted my body to follow. Was I supposed to leg it in the opposite direction, let Trick leave town without getting his “going away gift” from me, or should I boot myself up the arse for my own stupidity in letting my self get drugged and take my punishment for it like a man?


I decided on the latter and started walking again. The pain my arse was going through the other morning kinda returned to me, but I just ignored it. The pain wasn’t really there, it was just in my head.


I reached the M.C building quickly. ‘That was fast’ I thought to myself as I walked into the almost empty campus. I’ve never actually seen it like this, since I’m usually only at university in the day time, and sometimes later in the evening if I’ve had to catch up on some work, so there have usually been people around. This time, the only people that were around was a small group of other students, walking in the opposite direction to me, the cleaners and the small group of canteen staff that I could see through the canteen windows.


The side of the canteen on this campus is made of glass, you can see right the way through to the other side of the room when no one is in there, so I took a moment to check to see whether Trick or Pierre had arrived yet. They hadn’t. ‘I’m a few minutes early’ I thought as I looked at my watch which read “9:55pm” I considered running in the opposite direction again, but I thought ‘No, I have already been over that option, it’d never work anyway.’


I wandered into the canteen and up to where they serve the food. I figured I’d need the extra energy. I grabbed a doughnut, a can of Vanilla flavoured cola and approached the person on the till. “Hi” I smiled at her, knowing that even my best effort at a polite demeanour was wasted on these people.


“Whu?” she grunted back “Want those?”


“Yeah…” I read her name-tag “Shaz, please”


She gave me a disgusted kind of look and hit a few buttons on the till. “One-twenty-four” she held out her hand, blowing a bubble of bubblegum


I grabbed my wallet out of my back pocket and pulled out my wallet. I handed her one-twenty-five and picked my stuff up “Don’t worry about the change. Put it towards the beautiful smile of yours” I said sarcastically as I walked away. I saw her reflection flip me off in the glass, which I just ignored.


I sat down at a table near the corner of the canteen. I guess I thought that they wouldn’t notice me, I don’t know why I would have thought that though. I was sitting right next to a wall of glass that faced right out onto the street. They would only have to walk past the window and they would see me. It’s not like I’m hard to spot in a crowd.


I could hear a group of people talking over the radio station that the canteen plays over the P.A system. There was a guy, tall, with short, messy black hair and glasses, wearing a black top with the British flag on it, another guy who was slightly shorter than the first, short hair, but it was white, as in, bleached white, and I could see clearly, he had purple eyes. He was wearing a blue denim jacket which was open, and a blue shirt underneath that. The third person was a girl, short, with long brown hair, and wearing a black tank top. I munched on my doughnut and listened to their conversation.


“So I heard someone dropped off their feet the other day in the lounge?” The guy with black hair said in a British accent.


“Yeah” The girl replied. “I’ve no idea what happened though. A few of his friends rushed over to help him, which is a damn site more than you guys did for me the last time”


Me? Were they talking about me? I think they must have been, but I wasn’t sure. Dozens of people collapse in that place and it’s usually a combination of being tired, the heat, or in my case; someone spiking your drink.


The white haired guy spoke up this time “We DID rush over to help you” he sounded defensive


“Yeah, after I got trampled” she folded her arms


“You only got trampled a little” the white haired on chuckled


“My arm was broken in two places” she glared at him


“Your point being?” The black haired guy smiled


“My poi…forget it. You’ll never understand”


“Girl stuff?” both guys asked in unison, grinning at one another


I was trying hard not to laugh. I didn’t want them realising I was listening, plus I didn’t want to spit my drink out of my nose as I took a sip of it. I’ve done that before with cola. It kinda strips out the inside of your nasal cavities and is kinda painful. I must have lost half of my sense of smell for about a week! I blame Lionel, he was the one telling the joke.


I finished off my doughnut, and just in time too because guess who I saw come around the corner and into the area of the canteen I was sitting? You got it, Pierre. I looked down at my watch, he was bang on time. ‘Fuck.’ Was about the only thought in my mind at that point.


“Good evening” he smiledPicture (c) Mikata


“Is it?” I replied, not wanting to look at him.


“It is for me anyway. Not having a good evening, Daze-Kun?”


“Absolutely not, thanks to you and your little boyfriend” I retorted.


“Tsk, Tsk. Well, we shall have to see about that, won’t we?” he said, taking a seat in front of me. “We have a few minutes to spare, so you can finish off your pop here if you like, but I don’t mind you drinking it in the car, as long as you don’t spill, of course.”


“Where’s that smart-card thingy out of your camera?” I asked suspiciously


He pulled something out of his pocket and held it up. It was the camera’s smart-card all right, I recognised it from when he showed it me in his bedroom. “I’m going to leave this with Trick. He knows the agreement. If he doesn’t hand it over to you in the morning, then come back to me, and I’ll retrieve it for you.”


“How do I know you will?” I took a big gulp of my drink


“I am a man of my word, if nothing else.” He shrugged.


Let’s face it, what choice did I have? I hoped trick would give me the Smart Card, but if he refused to, Pierre was my only option. Well, my only option without telling everyone else what had happened anyway. He’s not an option I was happy with, but as I said, what choice did I have?


“Fine” I grumbled. I still didn’t want to do this.




See that picture? Mikata saw the chapter and started drawing it! XD I was chuffed to bits, I tell you. It's good knowing that people read your work, It's great knowing that they like it, it's fantastic when the person who actually created the characters in the first place saw what you had done with them and liked it so much that they wanted to draw it! Thank you so much, Mika! You rock my socks! XD