Chapter 4

A Time And Place

Listen to me, going on about chewy shineies, and non-chewy pens while you just want me to get on with the story.


The next day, I’m just walking through the town centre, shopping for shiney clothes, shineys and the school crap I needed, needless to say, that was bottom of my list, and my mobile phone began to ring. I didn’t even need to take it out of my pocket, I knew who it was calling me.


“Incomeing Call. The face of all evil. Answer?”  was what the display read. For those of you who don’t know, That’s what Pierre is stored as in my phone. I only have his number in there so as I know when it’s him pestering me. Answered it “What?” I grumbled


“Hello there, Copper Top” My blood Boiled instantly. I HATE being called “Copper top” other names referring to my hair I can handle, but not that one.


“What did you just Call me?” I snarled


“It could be worse, if you had a hairy arse, I’d have to call you ‘Copperbottom’”


I could almost HEAR the smirk on his face, and I wanted to wipe it off. “What do you want?”


“To give you a time and location for you know what”


I knew that I was going to have to have this conversation at some point, but that doesn’t meant I particularly wanted to have it now, or ever for that matter. If I’d have hung up there and then, or pretended that it was a bad connection, or that the battery was dieing on my phone, I wouldn’t be here explaining this whole mess to you now. I’m sure I’d be out somewhere, or something, I dunno, but I doubt I’d be here. That’s what I should have done, but I didn’t. “Go on” I sighed


“You’ll meet me at 10pm on the university campus, in the M.C building’s canteen tonight. From there, I’ll take you to Trick’s place and leave you guys to it. He might come down with me, but I doubt it.”


“Sounds like fun” I said sarcastically.


“You bet your arse it will be” and with that, he hung up.


‘My arse is already going to have taken enough punishment without me betting it on something. God only knows what you would have done if I had have.’ I thought to myself, slipping my phone back into my pocket.


I carried on down the street, wondering what options I had. ‘I could run away’ I thought. ‘Yeah, I could run away, travel around or a bit, then come back in a month or so time, when Trick has gone. Nah, That would never work. I could go to the police…on second thought, they probably have a plan in place for if I decide to do that. God knows, I’m sure Pierre could ‘convince’ any police officer he wanted that I was lying, get me done for ‘wasting police time’. Bastard. Well, there’s always suicide’ I laughed to myself. Of course, that’s not something I’d try out of choice. I’d just become another statistic then. “Another student found dead in his dorm. Is the stress of university too much for these young people?” is what the news would say. Besides, when I go, I wanna go out in flames and glory, literally. Maybe I’ll have blown one too many things up in lab accidents, I dunno, but that’s how I want it to happen.


Anyway, I’m getting side-tracked. The time and place was set now, and there was nothing I could really do about it, much as I wanted to.