Chapter 3

Pens And Shinies

Even now, now that the event, deed, favour, what ever you want to call it has happened, I’m still wondering what I had got myself into, just like I was as I lay there on my dorm room bed that night, reading on something from my text book, and chewing on the end of the pen I was supposed making notes with. I know reading’s not something I usually just sit back and do, but I really had nothing better to be doing. I didn’t particularly want to go out that night, because I didn’t know who’s bed I would end up in, or more to the point, who I would end up in bed with.


I Heard Lionel come in through the door from the hall “Daze? You here?”


I was tempted to just ignore him, pretended I was absorbed in what I was doing, but my mouth took over before my brain did “Yeah, in here” I replied.


Lionel poked his head around the door and smiled “Hey. What’s up?”


I was really hoping he wouldn’t ask that question, then I wouldn’t have to lie to him. “Nothing. Absolutely nothing at all. What makes you think that anything would be up?” I’m a terrible Liar, I know.


Lionel just kinda looked at me in a funny way. From my response, it didn’t take much to work out that something was up, I’m sure even Li worked that out, but thankfully, he didn’t say anything other than “Oh. Ok”


I breathed a sigh of relief for a minute. The last thing I really wanted to be interrogated on was last night, but I think I breathed too soon. “So where did you get to last night? We didn’t see you after you passed out. I know Pierre and trick took you off in a cab somewhere, The hospital was it?” he asked, Getting changed into his usual clubbing stuff.


“Yeah” I lied again. I hate Lying to my best friend, but what else could I do? I’m sure he’d just go off on one if I told him the truth. “Yeah, I just ended up at the hospital”


“Anything serious?” he looked worried.


“Nah, But faith is gonna put me back in there if she finds out what it was” I smiled


“She already knows” he said.


That snapped up my attention. “What?! She knows?!” I could feel my self starting to sweat.


Lionel seemed more surprised at My reaction than anything else


“Yeah, her words were ‘He’s pushed himself too damn far. Bloody Idiot’ or something like that. Cinder was worried about you, so she was trying to comfort her…” I Interrupted him there


“By making it seem like it was all my fault?”


“Basically” Lionel nodded


Well, that was what I wanted anyway. I will tell them what happened, I mean, I’m fairly sure the girls will string Pierre up by the short and curlies and castrate Trick, which would do me a few favours. That would at least get Trick off my case. Hehe.


Anyway, Lionel finished getting changed and that was that. We said “Later” to each other and with that he left, leaving me to go back to what I was reading.


I felt a strange taste on my tongue, it was kinda liquid, but I wasn’t drinking anything. I got up to go to the mirror, took the pen out of my mouth but as soon as I did, I didn’t need to look in the mirror. I’d been chewing on the pen too much and chewed through it. I sighed at my self, and walked towards the bathroom to try and brush the ink off my teeth. I tossed the pen in the bin on the way past. I think I half-hoped that an inky mouth would put Trick off me or something, but I didn’t like the taste. At least shineies don’t do something like that to you, they are rubbery and thick…very chewable.