Chapter 2

Too Bad There Isn't A Morning After Pill For This...

The next damn thing I know, is when I wake up the next morning. My head was pounding, I felt like crap and I had aches and pains in places that I didn’t realise I could get aches and pains. And then I rolled over, that was my next biggest mistake.


Usually, when I’m in bed and I roll over, I’m used to being greeted by the blankness that is my bedroom wall, NOT another person. It took me a while to realise that this other person, Just happened to be Pierre. I shot awake, I am not kidding, I was on like a light. There I was, lying in bed, Naked, none the less, with another guy who just happened to be the one guy in the world I did not want to wake up next to, in the same bed or otherwise.


He looked like he was still asleep, so I crept as quietly as I could out of the bed, which it turns out, wasn’t mine!! “Where the hell am I?!” I wasn’t in my own bed, I didn’t recognise the room around me. I was left wondering exactly what had gone on the night before. I just about managed to stand up when I noticed 2 things almost immediately after one-another. One was my rear-end was Killing me, and the other was a hand clamping it’s self tightly around my left wrist. “Shit” was the thought that jumped to mind.


“Morning, Sunshine” I looked down and saw Pierre attached to my arm. There was no way on earth this was good.


“What am I doing here?” I asked, trying not to sound too hostile until I knew exactly what I had got myself into. I peeled his fingers off my wrist as I sighted my boxer shorts on the floor a few feet from where I was standing. I walked over and put them on, at least that was coving my dick. There was no way I wanted Pierre having much of a chance to check me all over too much, god only knows what he would have done. I don’t think I really need to tell you that it would have probably involved a lot more arse-pain on my behalf.


“well, you passed out. We all rushed over and since my house was the easiest one to get you to, we decided it was best for you if you stayed here the night. You weren’t hurt, and you were still breathing. Cinder just said it was the fact you had just out-danced yourself.” Pierre got up, it was only then I noticed he was naked too, Oh god.


“So I ended up here? Great.” I pulled my trousers on and fastened them up.


“But, since I did you a favour in bringing you back here and making sure you were ok, I do need you to do me one in return” I looked over and saw him leaning against the dresser draws


“Go on” I asked suspiciously. I was hoping all it would be was to go and fetch the newspaper or something. I knew in my heart of hearts it wouldn’t be, but I could always say no.


“You know how my dear Trick is leaving town the day after tomorrow, right?”




“And you know how much he likes you, right?”


I grabbed my shirt and pulled it over my head before glaring at Pierre through narrowed eyes “I know where this conversation is going and there is no way on this earth I am going to sleep with him! Jesus Christ, I like Trick just about as much as I like you!” I went to storm out but Pierre’s voice stopped me


“I was afraid you would say that”


“Why?” I turned around and saw him waving something at me…his digital camera. “I get the feeling things are about to go from bad to worse.”


Pierre sat down in front of a laptop, took something out of the camera and slotted it into the side of the computer. “There is something I need you to see” He said as I walked over, leaning over him and the computer.


“If I were a religious man, I would start preying right now” I said


To my complete horror, after he pressed a few buttons and image of me came up. Well, I say it was of me, it was actually of the two of us. He had my cock in his mouth, and they way he had leant my head back with my mouth open, it looked like I was moaning and groaning…enjoying myself! I reached over and clicked on the “next” button to reveal him with his cock up my arse! I swear, I died a little bit inside. There were 8 pictures all-in-all, ad they were all of both of us having sex. It didn’t matter that I was unconscious in them, because he’d set it up so as it didn’t look that way. I was screwed, No pun intended.


Pierre pressed another button on the computer and the printer next to me fired into life. I watched, almost with horror as a picture of me with his dick in my mouth emerged slowly from the printer, I really did NOT need it pointing out to me that he could re-produce hard copies at will and with the touch of a button. Christ.


“Daze-Kun?” My blood boiled almost instantly. How dare he speak to me like he was familiar and friendly with me. Bastard. “Do me this one favour, and this-” he pulled the little shiny piece of plastic that came from the camera out of the computer “-is yours.” I eyed it suspiciously “It’s the thing that all the pictures are stored on” he explained “The camera’s Smart Media Card”


“I’m really going to regret doing this, aren’t I?” I thought to myself. But I really didn’t want those pictures being shown to anyone, if my mum ever got hold of those, she’d have a heart attack. I drew a heavy sigh and looked away “Fine.” I mumbled


Pierre, of course, perked up. “really?”


“Yes” I snapped “Just….oh for fuck sake, just set it up and let me know when and where. I don’t want to know the fucking details of what perverted acts he wants to do, and I’m telling you this now, my body does not respond well to pain so none of this S&M Bondage shit because I promise you, if he even considers a whip and a set of handcuffs, or anything like that, you’re gonna be headed for a world of pain” I snarled.


Pierre sat there surprisingly calmly. Either he had some kind of control over the situation, or I just didn’t scare him. “Fine” he replied and with that, I left.