Chapter 1

One Dance Too Many

Jump back two days. Lionel had roped me into going to a going away party for this guy who is ALLWAYS trying to get into my boxers. Seriously, I have known Trick try to come onto me like an electro-magnet to a key ring, I guess it annoys me more than it creeps me out. I really didn’t want to go, but I don’t think Lionel wanted to go and be the only normal guy, relatively speaking anyway.


We’d just got the place where this party was taking place. My sister, Cinder, had managed to work her magic and get us all into the under lounge for like, half the price it would normally cost. Something to do with a group booking, or party booking, I ain’t sure. As soon as we got downstairs, Trick & Pierre’s smug faces were the first things that greeted us.


I was wearing my usual under lounge kinda gear. A T-Shirt that I had made into a tank top after I set one of the sleeves on fire in the physics lab, loose fitting cargo trousers and of course, so many of my shines that I lit up the room like the sun it’s self.


“Hi guys! Glad you could make it!” Pierre called to us. It was pretty loud in there, it always is. You have to shout to make yourself heard, which is why I love the place so much.


“Hi Daze” Trick came up shoulder to shoulder with me


“What?” I responded contemptuously. “Let’s get one thing straight, Trick. I am not here for you or anyone else” I said as we walked out, further into the lounge “I’m here for the simple fact I love to dance my backside off, that’s all!” and with that I walked off, catching up with Lionel.


“What did he want?” Li asked me


“Oh, He’s just being an arse, as usual” I think I was being a little bit unfair. He hadn’t actually tried anything on with me…yet but I knew he was going to. I wasn’t too worried about it at the time, I get a lot of it off of him and am used to fighting it off, so I just went up and grabbed a drink from the bar.


It didn’t take much to get me out on the dance floor, it never does. I went out and I danced it up something amazing, seriously, I came back off the floor with the sweat dripping off me and that is not a joke, going at it like that really works you hard.


The thing is, I had put my drink down on the table near the people I thought it would be safe with. It was Next to Li for a start, and Cinder. I thought, if anyone, they would look after it and make sure it didn’t get drunk by someone else. I never use those protective lids for the bottles, and I think that was my big mistake…this time around, at least.


I was so hot; I kid you not when I say I was burning up. I’m sure there was steam coming off me. I picked up my bottle and downed it all in one go before heading back out. It tasted a bit strange, but this was the lounge. I’m sure the bar tender got the stuff at “special discount” because it “fell off the back of a lorry” so a funny taste in just about anything fluid that you buy from there, is nothing to really concern your self about.


I started to head back out when Cinder called me back a little “Don’t push yourself Daze. You know what happens if you push yourself too hard.” She’s right. If I go too hard, I get light headed then when I go outside into the cold, it gives me a killer migraine that lasts for days.


“I’ll be fine” I called back, waving her comment off over my shoulder. And I soon returned to where I can come from. I kept my eye on those guys though. They all just sat there chatting and enjoying the mood. Trick and Pierre kept giving me some strange looks though, and that made me uncomfortable, as it always does when those two get together. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against gay people, if they want to screw boys in their spare time, that is not my business. It just makes me a little uncomfortable when they start eyeing up me, and trying to get a look at parts of my body that I don’t show to anyone. That was the last I remember of that night.


I later found out that I just kinda dropped for no reason other than, according to Faith, I had just pushed my body “Too damn far”. Yeah fucking right. With the benefit of hindsight, I now know why my drink tasted so funny. Pair of Bastards