Episode 2

This podcast is a little less spur-of-the-moment than the last one.

It is a little….long. damn near 4 hours

There’s a break in the middle. This is because of the recording software we use. We’re pretty limmited about what we can use to record, since Adam lives in Kansas and Alan lives in England. Basically we use Skype and Palmela Skpe recorder which is not as relyable as we would like it to be.

We both apologise for the break and the fact you may not ever hear the conversation that got corrupted but Adam pointed out and we both agreed that if we repeated the conversation, it would be “rehersed” and the responses wouldn’t be true reactions.

Marked mature because we swear.

If you want to check us out and stalk us;

Adam http://prowlingmonkey.deviantart.com
Alan http://advancedflea.deviantart.com

Episode 2 download link

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