Episode 22

This week, our totally out-of-date-by-the-time-you-hear-this podcast deals with:

  • People against marketers
  • Advertising
  • CG in motion picture
  • “How much did that effect cost?”
  • Technology on camera & in audio
  • Male & female clothes in drawing
  • Program scipts
  • Paying for skill, not time
  • The comic Alan was talking about http://kudasai.comicgenesis.com
  • How Adam draws comics & how Alan writes stories
  • “So you want to be a cartoonist?” http://tompreston.deviantart.com/gallery/26560917
  • Comics and art styles, and changing art styles
  • Going to bed
  • Video casts and why we’re NOT going to do them
  • “Getting value from scarcity”

podcast 22

4 thoughts on “Episode 22

  1. Aw, great. Now I’m gonna be staring at people to see how drape-ey their clothes are for the next week. Thanks guys.

    Did Tom Preston ever reply back to Adam’s question?

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