Chapter 1

On The Way Over


“Kyle! Hurry up!” Sheila Broslofski shouted up the stairs to Kyle.

“I’m coming!” Kyle called back. “Jesus Christ, You’d think she’d leave me alone just for 5 minutes to pack my damn back pack” He hastily shoved a few more things into his backpack, Picked up his mobile phone from where it stood in its recharger on the dressing table and slipped it into his pocket, picked up his bag and walked out of the room.

“it’s about time booby” Sheila said to Kyle as he walked down the stairs. “Stan’s going to be waiting for you.”

“Sorry mum. I kinda left packing my clothes until the last minute” Kyle replied as he walked past the tins of paint that were sitting in the hallway

“I realise that, Hun.” Sheila smiled.

Kyle smiled at his mum. He didn’t know why, but he had butterflies in his stomach. Well, That’s not quite true. He knew why. He was going to be spending the entire weekend alone with Stan.

“Have fun at the Marsh’s” Sheila opened the front door for Kyle.

“I will mum” he replied as he walked past, kissing her on the cheek. Kyle walked out of the house, down the garden path, turned onto the pavement, looked back at his mum who was waving at him, he smiled, waved back and started walking in the direction of Stan’s house.

He started whistling his favourite song as he walked down the snowy street, and thinking about what they had planned to do whilst Stan’s parents were out of town. Most of what he thought of involved playing computer games, watching movies and just generally hanging out with his best friend.

“What’s up, Kyle?” A cheerful voice came from behind him as he walked through the high street.

Kyle turned around and saw Kenny smiling at him with a lollypop in his mouth.

Kenny had really changed in the last few years. He’d got rid of that orange parka that he always wore, and that always covered his face, he now wore just a plain blue jacket most of the time. He’d smartened his general appearance up a lot since he got a job working in the town’s only electronics store. At first, he didn’t like the idea that he had to dress smartly, and in a uniform to work there, but then he saw his first pay slip. His family were still poor though, Kenny had gone through a life with them of “every man, woman and child for themselves” which meant that since his family never shared anything with him, he wasn’t prepared to share his wages with them. He worked hard for what he earnt, and he wasn’t having other people, especially his selfish family, waste it on needless things like porn, booze and cigarettes. He could buy his own porn, he only drank occasionally, but when he did, it was nice to have the money to buy his own alcohol, and he hated smoking.

“Oh hey Kenny!” Kyle said, his face lighting up at the sight of his friend

“You off out somewhere?” Kenny said inquisitively as Kyle walked on.

“Yeah, I told you a few days ago remember? My room is being painted, so I’m staying at Stan’s house while the paint fumes are about.”

“Oh yeah, that’s right.” Kenny looked up at the sky “So, have you and he got any ‘special’ plans during your visit?” Kenny smirked

Kyle looked at him and smiled “Shut up” He said with a laugh “Unlike you might wish us to be, Stan and I aren’t going out, Kenny.”

“So you’re just fuck buddies then?” Kenny smirked, taking the remaining lollypop stick out of his mouth and tossing it into a bin as they passed it

“Dude!” Kyle exclaimed, whilst trying to keep his laughter, and the butterflies in his stomach under control. “You’re such an amazing pervert, Kenny. Seriously”

“Oh, I know” Kenny replied with a smirk

“So How long has it been since you and Butters got together?” Kyle was looking around for Stan’s house. It had been re-painted recently, so Kyle had to look for the number of the house, not just the colour.

“Jeez” Kenny said, having to think about his response “It’s gotta have been…erm…about 8 months now. Yeah, that’s right, 8 months on Thursday next week.”

“I bet that was a shock for his parents” Kyle spotted Stan standing in the front window of his house and waved as he continued towards it. Stan waved back.

“Well, considering that they only discovered when they found us taking a shower together, I don’t think they were as shocked as most people would have been. Saying that, Butters still avoids the whole subject about sexuality like the plague when he is around his parents, especially his mum.” Kenny replied as they stopped at the foot of Stan’s garden path.

“Wouldn’t you if you were Butters?” Kyle said with a smile

“Yeah.” Kenny chuckled “Anyway, I’d best get back. I’ve gotta try and hide all the food in our house. Cartman invited himself around to play Gamecube with me. I’m not sure I really wanna be there though. I might just go hang out with Butters”

“Sounds like fat-ass alright. Catch you later dude.” Kyle started to walk up to Stan’s front door.

“Have fun, If you know what I mean” Kenny Called to him with a smirk on his face

“Up yours, Kenny” Kyle Pulled a face at him.

“You wish!” Kenny chuckled as he walked off

Kyle Banged the mud off his boots as Stan opened the door. Stan’s heart nearly skipped a beat. “Hey Stan” Kyle beamed

“Hey dude” Stan replied. “You gonna come in or are you just going to stand there and Bake to death?” Stan asked, Motioning Kyle into the house.

“Thanks” Kyle walked in, took off his jacket and hat, letting his Alban bangs fall into his eyes, before brushing them back. Kyle’s hair was still red, but it wasn’t as bright as it was when they were younger, it had really calmed down since then. Stan stood there smiling stupidly at him without even realising he was doing so. “What?” Kyle asked.

Stan’s mind came back to reality. “Oh, Nothing” He smiled.