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I Am not responsible for the content of other people's websites. I will try to give you fair warning but ultimatly, it's up to you whether you click or not.


The Websites are in some semblance of alphabetical order

Site Logo Rating info U This is the website of the AniBunny! (Anime Bunny)...well...ok, It's Meagan's website. AniBunny...Meagan...same difference! Updated occasionally usually with new drawings, written work and occasionally a whole new layout.
Dragonworldz Ha! Like Chris has a logo PG This is the website for the friend of a friend. Pretty much all that's on here are photos from various conventions. PG rating because he's got the older Saturday People archives on there.
Post Secret

P o s t S e c r e t


15 Do you have a secret? you can post it into these guys anonymously and share it with the world. Alternatively, you can read everyone else's secrets. Be warned! Shocking content.
Smarmy Monkey/Saturday People 18 Smarmy is home to the Shonien-ai webcomic "Saturday People" by Mikata. Be warned! The content includes shounen-ai, drug abuse, violence, language, and nudity. You have been warned. It's a manga based on a way of life. it is NOT for kids.